Songs That Change My Life Part 5

Another song that really is responsible to have a great impact in my life is No Doubt’s “Running”. I think the song was from their greatest hits album. Here goes:


Awesome Music: The Civil Wars

Here goes, one of my current favorite musician. The Civil Wars is a folk-country band, and their album “Barton Hollow” is one of the best-selling folk albums of 2011, nominated for 2 Grammys “Best Folk Album” and “Best Country Duo/Group Performance”. Recently they collaborated with Taylor Swift for a song from the forthcoming “The Hunger Games” movie. Here’s their music videos:

Is life fair?

Well, life goes on, that’s what people keep saying. Life is filled with awesomeness, despair, laughs, cries, and I could go on and on. I mean what really is the purpose of life? Is it really enough that our needs are satisfied? Or there’s more to it?

First things first, is life fair? I believe in God, I’m a Muslim, I can’t say that I’m a very good Muslim or a bad one either. I think of my religion as this part of my life that I can’t combine with anything else. I can’t combine my religion, for instance, with my social life, sexual needs, and so on. God forbids, I may be the most sinful Muslim ever in the eyes of many, but this relationship I have is between me and God. At least that’s what I keep saying to myself.

Now what does religion has to do with “fairness in life”? Not much really. But every religion taught us that God is fair. Is He, really?

Pretty sure He is.

Now, let’s take a look at one scenario. We have this economically unstable family, a man, his wife, his two kids. They live in this really small house in the corner of Jakarta’s suburbs. Basically they’re not doing good. The man sells food on his cart, going around town, fulfilling the needs of many. The wife is a homemaker, his two kids are enrolled in this local school whose quality isn’t something you can brag about. The man strolls around town selling whatever it is he’s selling. He is fulfilled in some way; spending his days doing something he may or may not love but at least he’s keeping the needs of his family fulfilled. Though he don’t have more than enough income, but he’s happy.

Then, the second scenario is this really economically stable guy in his 30s. He graduated from a top notch school and spend his days doing something he loves. But he has no family. Maybe he’s happy, maybe he’s not, who knows? But at the very least, he is fulfilled.

Well there are many more scenarios. Basically what I’m trying to say is that life may not seem fair from the outside. When we looked around, people may have worse lives than ours. But do they really?

What I know of God and His ways of keeping the universe in sync is that, everything in life is NOT exactly fair. But it’s up to us, humans, whether we want to spend our days complaining to God, “why does he have a car and I don’t?” “why is he happy with his partner, and I’m still single?” etc.; or we want to spend each of our days with belief that we are fulfilled, and take out lives as a blessing.

So all we need is God right?


Crap, the last day I updated this dear blog of mine was back before the 9/11 commemoration… September 10 to be exact. Things have changed since then. A lot has changed.

Highlight #1: I am so so in love with college this semester. Basically, it’s because I am in love with all the subjects. Majoring in Accounting is something I actually am in love with. Clearly, I am confusing. When there’s millions out there avoiding this, what they imply, to be a disturbing subject. This semester my Accounting subjects include Auditing Theory and Practice (which I score a 3.25 GPA after mid-semester *yeahhhh*), Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements (3.0 GPA), and Cost Accounting Systems – Part 1 (3.5 GPA). Other subjects are Investment Mathematics (with a perfect 4.0 GPA), Principle of Banking Money and Credit (3.0 GPA) and Communication Skills (which basically is grammar bullsh*t, my lowest GPA is actually this subject). When it comes to Grammar, I actually suck!

Highlight #2: Well, my love life has been crappy. Here I am, holding my hopes up for this one person, waiting until reality strikes, and all that person did is actually ignore me…………. the last time we communicate was when I was “facebook unfriend”ed. But I still believe, even if my friends seems to implicate “nothing’s ever gonna happen”, I still believe. This is the only time my pessimism seems to be not working.

Highlight #3: Welllllll… nothing else I guess. My scriptwriting tasks is really really not taking a whole lot of my time since I’m busy with college.

Well here’s to great days ahead. I promise I will always update this, from the bottom of my heart, I will…. see you when I see you…

Look at me like no one else…

Searching for someone to stood by our side, looking for that really special someone who’ll make us laugh, fill our void with joy, protect us, remain by our side no matter what. We tend to look at the ones we love like no one else would. We see the edge of that person that makes him or her different from others. We look at them like no one else would. We see them when others don’t.

Is it really true? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. What got us or make us wonder is whether they see us like no one else sees us? Do they give a crap how different we were? That answer is really one that we’re afraid of knowing the answer to. We don’t want to know the simple truth. The answer to “do you love me the way I love you?” is either black or white. Either yes or no. And the “no” is crappy, it has the power to bring us really down, really really down, it may even reach the depths of the ocean. But do know, why bother living with that question? You have to be thankful that you’ve successfully see and love a person the way nobody else would. Because its their loss. We have the decency to admit what we felt, and no matter how crappy it is, we did learn. Just think of it as God’s way of telling us “hey you, you feel love, isn’t that enough?”.

I hope

Well I know this bears resemblance to my previous post. But it is completely different. Here I would like to discuss Dixie Chicks’ Grammy-nominated song “I Hope”. Here’s an extract of the lyrics which is so touching:

Oh, Rosie, her man he gets too rough
That’s all she can say, is he’s a good man
He don’t mean no harm
He was just brought up that way

But our children are watching us
They put their trust in us
They’re gonna be like us
It’s okay for us to disagree
We can work it out lovingly

See how so secluded we are with the ones we love. Sometimes without even realizing we let affection conquers and cause pain. So let us not learn from Rosie who stood by her man and cause pain and suffering to those around her.


Definition of ‘Hope’ based on

– the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best

– a particular instance of a feeling

– a person or thing around which expectations are centered

– to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence

– to believe, desire or trust


There you, hope is inevitably the only thing we can rely on when everything or everyone else seems to fail us. Life is a failure. It is unfair. I can go on and on. And in many events, we can only hope. We believe, we desire, we trust, we expect things to turn out for the best. But can it really go that way? Belief in hope is a very powerful ability. but once it was taken away from us, when all hope seems to fade, can we survive? Therefore, hope is a very funny thing. It gives us the strength to go through life and sometimes later, it gives us the desire to give up.

– A